About us

Wandercraft was founded in 2012 by a group of engineers who refused to accept that the wheelchair remains the only means of travel for people deprived of walking and thought they could create a better solution for mobility and independence. Wandercraft develops, manufactures and markets autonomous walking exoskeletons.

The first version, Atalante, was commercialized in 2019 and is used by rehabilitation and neurology hospitals in Europe and the USA. Atalante offers many patients innovative care based on realistic, hands-free multidirectional locomotion.

Our story

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Nicolas Simon, chairman of the robotics club at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, started working on one of the Holy Grails of robotics: how to get a biped robot to walk like a human, in a self-stabilized manner.

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Foundation of Wandercraft with two classmate roboticists and a business guru, Alexandre Boulanger, Matthieu Masselin, and Jean Louis Constenza.

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World premiere clinical trials with the first prototypes of the exo, showing that paraplegic persons could walk hands-free, without crutches.

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CE marking of Atalante, our first commercial exoskeleton.

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New indications in Europe: complete and incomplete motor paraplegia and hemiplegia secondary to a CVA or any other acquired brain injury.

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Launch of Atalante X, the new generation of rehabilitation exoskeleton.

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FDA clearance on hemiplegia due to CVA indication.


Launch of personal exoskeleton for personal use.

Join the WanderTeam!

We are continually looking for talents eager to take on bold challenges.

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Jean-Louis Kana
Junior Control Engineer

"Developing a truly useful, extraordinary product that combines my passion for both robotics and healthcare, that is my job at Wandercraft"

Antonio El Khoury
Product Manager

"My motivation to be part of Wandercraft is three-fold: solving complex real-life problems in order to build a useful product, working with brilliant and dedicated teammates, and thriving in a diverse and healthy workplace environment."

Fabien Expert

"I like the idea of not knowing, of being surrounded by brilliant minds who also don't know and who, when brought together, are able to do things you didn't think were possible. I feel like I'm on the front lines, seeing the instructive failures, the jolts, the unexpected successes, the twists and turns along the way that are turning a simple idea into a solution for our patients."

Gabriele Buondonno
R&D Control Engineer

"I work at Wandercraft because I want to create cutting-edge technology that is concretely useful to people."

Marine Pétriaux
R&D Control Engineer

"What I like about Wandercraft is developing a useful product for patients and therapists. We are fortunate to be able to engage with patients and healthcare professionals, and build tailored solutions to their challenges, within a fast development cycle. In the command department, we can very easily try out our new algorithms on prototypes in the test room. The technical challenges are there, but above all, we know why we get up every morning!"