Atalante X

Hands-free walk exoskeleton

Atalante X enables patients with severe gait impairment, including those with upper extremity dysfunction or cognition challenges to stand up and walk hands-free.

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Designed to meet the needs of rehabilitative care

Self-stabilizing for hands-free locomotion

Atalante X leverages its innovative self-balancing feature to enable multitasking by carrying out lower limb, posture, balance and upper limb reinforcement exercises in a safe upright position.

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"After a Neurological lesion, it is recommended to start an early, intense and specific rehabilitation in order to maximize functional recovery and prevent the appearance of complications secondary to the loss of mobility caused by the impairment."
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EarlyGait & ActiveBalance, for early management

EarlyGait enables treatment for acute patients early in the continuum of care including those with severe gait impairment, guiding them through their first steps with the help of its self-balanced and customizable walking pattern. This small step length gait pattern gives patients confidence early on when using Atalante X, and allows them to quickly progress to a more realistic gait pattern.

ActiveGait to increase the intensity and repetition

Atalante X features a custom symmetrical and asymmetrical adjustable assistance to promote gradual increase of your patient’s motor effort through the continuum of care. Starting at total robotic assistance, the intensity can be decreased with the patient’s recovery and capabilities.

Multi-directional locomotion for task-orientated treatment

Atalante X automatically generates optimized and realistic walking kinematics catered to each patient’s unique body type and abilities.

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A new kind ofrehabilitation

Atalante X is designed to minimize training time for both patient and therapist. This easy-to-use exoskeleton helps you optimize your sessions, by increasing treatment productivity and step dosage.

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Safety for both patient and therapist

Safety, quality and durability is a key focus for Wandercraft. Atalante X empowers you to conduct your sessions in an upright position with minimal effort while ensuring the safety of your patient.

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Take steps during the first treatment

Atalante X is designed to minimize training time for both patient and therapist. This easy-to-use exoskeleton helps you optimize your sessions, by increasing treatment productivity and step dosage.

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Multi-directional realistic gait

Atalante X offers multi-directional gait, opening new possibilities to move in space and carry out diverse and fun treatment sessions with your patients.

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Patient follow-up and reporting

WanderTouch offers an intuitive interface for a simple configuration and monitoring throughout your patient’s rehabilitation program.This simple user interface makes the Atalante X easy to use for clinicians and can track usage, kinematics, and functional progression.

Our Indications

Atalante X is intended to be used on adult individuals with the following functional impairments (EU) or diagnoses (USA).

In the EU
- Motor complete paraplegia.
- Motor incomplete paraplegia.
- Hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular accident or to any other cause of acquired brain injury.

In the USA

Atalante X is intended to perform ambulatory functions and mobility exercises, hands-free, in professional healthcare facilities under the supervision of a trained operator for the following populations:

- Individuals with hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular accident (CVA).
- Individuals with spinal cord injuries at levels T5 to L5 (SCI).

The operator must complete a training program prior to use of the device. Atalante X is intended to be used on adolescents of 18 years and older, and adults able to tolerate a stand-up position.

The device is not intended for sports or stair climbing. 

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Acquisition of Atalante

L'acquisition d'Atalante est notamment possible via les principales centrales d'achat (UniHA, UGAP), en offrant la possibilité d’un achat sur plusieurs années avec des annuités correspondant aux enveloppes de financement PTS “Rééducation intensive des membres inférieurs".

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ARS have until 31/01 to select establishments wishing to equip themselves with exoskeletons!

To find out more about opportunities for acquiring and financing an Atalante exoskeleton, please contact us:

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